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In the world, nothing is permanent but change. The truly learned one updates himself to accommodate the change. At Pallavi, we were determined to build an education system that is ready to adopt new technology, thus ensuring the young people are fully-equipped for the future.

Pallavi Group of Schools, since its inception in 1994, has always strived in imparting quality education to young children entering its portals. Accepting the challenges and working tirelessly towards the goal has been the motto of PGOS. With the same spirit we started with our new campus at various areas in Hyderabad with redefined curricula. We are sure that Pallavi International School will continue to work with the same spirit and gusto to leap towards a better and brighter future.

Chairman of Pallavi Schools

Mr. Malka Komaraiah

Chairman of DPS & Pallavi Group

About Us


“All Knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind and the infinite library of the universe is in your mind.”

– Swami Vivekananda.”

Very true. We, at Pallavi, believe that every student that comes in has immense potential.

We believe teaching is a noble profession and we are on the mission of nurturing tender minds with novel and innovative ideas, thus achieving the desired success.

Treasurer of Pallavi Schools


Treasurer of DPS & Pallavi Group

About Us

VIF Education Society

Director of Pallavi Group of Schools

Mr. Syed Ainuddin Arif

Chairman VIF group of companies

Director of Pallavi Group of Schools

Mrs zehra Subuhi Arif

General Secretary VIF Education Society

Director of Pallavi Group of Schools

Mr. Zohair Aminuddin

Joint Secretary VIF Education Society

About Us


Established in 2018, Pallavi International School, Gandipet Campus, plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds and influencing our nation's trajectory. In just six years, it has emerged as a leading educational institution in Hyderabad, backed by a proud 30-year legacy encompassing 14 campuses across the twin cities.

Our vision at Pallavi International School is to nurture future generations with strong values and quality education. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed, fostering holistic development and innovation. Spread across an expansive 11-acre campus, our facilities cater to academic excellence, sports, skill development, and personality enhancement.

We boast state-of-the-art sporting amenities like a Cricket ground, Swimming pool, Football ground, Basketball court, Skating rink, Archery, and more. Collaborations with renowned academies like M S Dhoni Cricket Academy, Hyderabad Football Club, and Yama Skating Academy ensure professional guidance for budding talents.

With a focus on foundational literacy, numeracy, 21st-century skills, leadership, discipline, and scientific temperament, Pallavi International School stands committed to shaping a brighter future.

Director of Pallavi Group of Schools

Ms. Hema Madabushi

Principal - Pallavi International School Gandipet

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CEO & Director

Founder and CEO of born bright, Yasasvi is a young entrepreneur, an alumnus of DPS, Nacharam. With a great sense of responsibility to make the nation a better place he stepped into the field of education and takes keen interest in the upbringing of our group of schools . Trained from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus in the field of civil engineering.He is invested in exploring, learning and creating distinct opportunities for all. He completed Minor in business psychology and entrepreneurship from university college of London. He is an Angel investor and growth hacker from Wharton school of Business, University of Pennsylvania (pencilvania). He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Balaji Arun Educational Soceity and leads from the forefront with various projects that capture the attention of the young generation.

Chairman of Pallavi Schools

Yasasvi Malka

CEO & Director of DPS, Pallavi Group & EcoBharat

About Us

Academic Director

Pallavi as a brand has always stood for being a place that ties together both tradition and change. Pallavi brand has worked tirelessly for 27 years to provide holistic education to every child walking through its doors.

Our campus is carefully planned and provides a variety of extracurricular activities, thus facilitating holistic education. Pallavians are given unparalleled opportunities and experiences that they will cherish throughout their life.

Our hope is that each Pallavian stands up as a strong human and creates a legacy of his/her own. In honoring the past, we energize the future and celebrate the present.

Dr. T. Sudha

Academic Director of DPS & Pallavi Group