Providing world-class education to the children to thrive in this technology-driven world.

The technology we teach

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AI Labs

Our Artificial Intelligence lab is a space where we stimulate and develop the creativity and business ideas of the students and help them implement their ideas.

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IoT and Robotics Lab

Our campus endows students with an outstanding window for getting familiar with the Internet of Things and robotics concepts. It enables students to work with cloud software and hardware and helps them excel in the same field by exploring it from such a young age.

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Coding for kids

Knowledge of coding is going to be a key requirement of most jobs in the future. We want to prepare our children to face the dynamic job market and confidently shine in any interview process, this is why we teach our students coding at such a young age.

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Digital classrooms

The world is ever-changing and the way students grasp knowledge has also changed drastically. It is vital for schools to adapt to this change by allowing for microlearning and learning through digital means. This is why all our classrooms are digitally enabled.

Awards and Recognitions

We at Pallavi love nurturing young minds.
Here are some of the awards and accolades we have received in the process of fulfilling our passion.

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I am Pallavi

Pallavi is the best place for creativity to blossom.
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