Support your child’s mental growth in Classroom

Did you know that 1 in 5 children and adolescents experience mental health disorders? According to a recent survey, the number of children and adolescents experiencing anxiety and depression has increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic. This is a concern which needs to be addressed as a community as a whole.

At Pallavi international school,Gandipet, we believe in the importance of supporting the mental growth of our students. That's why we offer a range of resources and support to help students maintain their intellectual well-being; from counselling services to mental health education. We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to succeed.
Here are some of the ways that Pallavi international school,Gandipet is supporting the psychological health of our students:

  • Providing counselling services: To provide them with a safe and supportive space to discuss their concerns and challenges. Our trained counsellors are available to provide guidance and support to help students cope with stress and maintain their mental well-being.

  • Offering mental health education: We provide mental health education to all of our students, sensitising them about the importance of mental well-being and how to recognize and address mental health issues to deal with them.

  • Creating a safe and inclusive space: To create a safe and inclusive space for all of our students. This includes promoting acceptance and inclusivity and working to prevent bullying and other harmful behaviours.

  • As parents and educators, we have the responsibility to support the eudaimonic health of our students. By providing resources, recognizing the signs of psychological issues, and creating a safe and inclusive space, we can help our students to thrive and succeed.

    At Pallavi international school,Gandipet, we are dedicated to supporting the intellectual growth of our students. With a range of resources and support, we are committed to helping our students maintain their conceptual well-being and succeed in all aspects of their lives. Let's work together to prioritize the mental health of our students and create a supportive community for all.

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